Bluestracje was born 20 February 1998. Without much preparation, almost spontaneously, in the Municipal House of Culture "Batory" in Chorzow a group of friends met - amateur musicians whose combined sympathy for the blues. There were teams: AFERA from Katowice, Plaster of Kępna, Be Good from Chorzow, rybnicki quartet Old grandfathers and Wild Sherry from Szczecin. From that moment, in the spring of each year, fans of the blues come together to listen to music at its best. There was a lot of great concerts in the history of the festival, extraordinary meetings, musical surprises. Unforgetable great concerts by Irek Dudek, Slawek Wierzcholski and Leszek Wojciech Cichoński Karolak  presentations of bands like Easy Rider, Cree and Jorgos Skolias with Grzegorz Kapolka, blues recital by Ewa Uryga and unique meeting John Kyksa Skrzek Andrew on duty, George Kawalec and Skolik Ark.

In 2003, at the 6th BLUESTRACJE for the first time, there were also at the scenes of Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów. In the theater, the main concert was held with the participation of the American singer - Shemekii Copeland - a month later recognized as the best singer in the world (WC Handy`ego Foundation Award). Moreover, the artist has returned to the festival in 2010. Meetings with the Blues in Chorzów from intimate events, imperceptibly turned into a large project organized by a coalition of cultural institutions, music clubs and associations of Upper Silesia.

The following years brought us new ideas and great concerts, the house of culture Batory in Chorzów, "Kotłownia" music club in Chorzów, Andaluzja a Cultural Center of Piekary Śląskie, "Szuflada 15" Club became characteristic points of the festival. In 2005, we organized for the first time a competition for new blues performers, called YOUNG BLOOD, also concert consisting of artists who won the poll "BLUES TOP" - Your Blues Quarterly readers. Concert in the formula like this is organized as a finale of the festival for the present day. Subsequent editions were an opportunity to meet with distinguished guests from the United States. Great concerts of American singer Candy Kane, a young guitarist Steve Fister and guitar legend Walter Trout with The Radicals sets gathered full audience at concerts. The star of Bluestracje 2008 was the American singer Sharrie Williams with the band and festival concerts were also held in Zakopane. The following year, performed among the others, Chicago blues icon Magic Slim and Todd Wolfe, known for cooperation with Sheryl Crow and the RUF - cult label artists Erji Lyytinen, Oli Brown and Joanne Shaw Taylor.

Successive blues guests has joined us in 2010: Boo Boo Davis, The Brew, Shemekia Copeland already mentioned, and among the best Polish blues Bush, Night Shift Blues, HooDoo Band, Magda Piskorczyk, JJ Band and many others. To the festival venues, has joined clubs - Sztygarka, Cultural Centre of Tarnowskie Góry and the Faculty of Philological at the University of Silesia.

Every year formula of the festival changes, because we do not want to get attached to anniversaries and schemes. Quantity of the places where you can listen to the concerts of the festival and numbers of our partners have been growing up - Bluestracje - the longest and most democratic festival in Poland.

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